Estas contas de Instagram chocam?

por , 30 Outubro, 2017

Pêlos nas axilas ou nas pernas de uma mulher, chocam?

Tem-se debatido muito sobre as políticas de privacidade do Instagram. O movimento Free The Nipple, que pretende dar às mulheres a possibilidade de mostrar ou não os mamilos, foi o primeiro de muitos movimentos que questionam a falsa neutralidade das redes sociais. Várias são as celebridades, e também anónimos, que viram as suas contas de Instagram bloqueadas, por infração às regras relativas à nudez, regras que pode ver aqui aqui. Fotografias em topless? Bloqueio certo. Pode ler-se nos termos básicos: “Não é permitida a publicação de fotografias, nem de outro conteúdo violento, que mostre nudez ou nudez parcial, que seja discriminatório, ilegal, pornográfico ou sexualmente sugestivo, que incentive o ódio ou que esteja em infração através do Serviço.” No entanto, a questão permanece: até que ponto uma fotografia de uma mulher nua  pode ser censurada, se uma pintura de uma mulher nua não o é?

Contra os estereótipos relacionados com o corpo da mulher, contra a vergonha que ainda existe face à realidade do corpo da mulher, estas artistas exibem, nos seus perfis, imagens que podem chocar muitos. Depilação por fazer nas pernas ou nas axilas, imagens de menstruação, corpos menos proporcionais, gordura localizada. Estes são algumas das realidades que retratam através de fotografias. O objectivo é mudar a percepção de que o corpo da mulher deve ser perfeito e alertar para a importância da auto-aceitação das mulheres.

A si, choca-o?

me and some TP

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hairful model: anonymous shot by: rupi kaur ??? ???? ? if you’re interested in being a model for the project and you are from Ontario or London, uk please email all colours genders body types wanted. ??? ???? ? ‘hairful’ is a new photo project i’ve taken up to document the growth and nature of hair on human bodies through photography. with a special focus on brown bodies. as these bodies deal with a unique set of battles and face intersectional struggles that have been kept virtually invisible and non existent within our contemporary medias. from bushy brows to knuckle hair to hair on the rest of the body and face. i look forward to presenting an honest truth of the struggles one goes through to deal with western societal pressures + eurocentric beauty standards of staying naked and ‘neat’. how they hurt us. how they come to define us. and how we can move towards a much more positive and accepting view of the nature of our bodies. although i won’t be releasing this project online, i look forward to sharing bits and pieces of it here with you from time to time. stay beautiful and shining sweetloves?? ??? ???? ?

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thank you @instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique. you deleted a photo of a woman who is fully covered and menstruating stating that it goes against community guidelines when your guidelines outline that it is nothing but acceptable. the girl is fully clothed. the photo is mine. it is not attacking a certain group. nor is it spam. and because it does not break those guidelines i will repost it again. i will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be okay with a small leak. when your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many who are underage) are objectified. pornified. and treated less than human. thank you. ?????? ? ???? ???? ? ??? ? this image is a part of my photoseries project for my visual rhetoric course. you can view the full series at the photos were shot by myself and @prabhkaur1 (and no. the blood. is not real.) ?????? ? ???? ???? ? i bleed each month to help make humankind a possibility. my womb is home to the divine. a source of life for our species. whether i choose to create or not. but very few times it is seen that way. in older civilizations this blood was considered holy. in some it still is. but a majority of people. societies. and communities shun this natural process. some are more comfortable with the pornification of women. the sexualization of women. the violence and degradation of women than this. they cannot be bothered to express their disgust about all that. but will be angered and bothered by this. we menstruate and they see it as dirty. attention seeking. sick. a burden. as if this process is less natural than breathing. as if it is not a bridge between this universe and the last. as if this process is not love. labour. life. selfless and strikingly beautiful.

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tfw all the photos you shoot look like vintage 70’s porn but you are actually a future gyno cyborg

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can’t get over how good these shoes looks w hairy legs !!! #highheels #girly #pink (probably looks supergoods w shaved legs too!)

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free de nip

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